June – Terrible Things

Godmothers of Chick Rock

“Terrible Things” is a song I attribute as being written by my Taylor T5 guitar.

In April of 2007, Fanny was given the ROCKRGRL “Women of Valor” award in conjunction with Berklee School of Music in Boston. As I knew some of the girls who’d attended our [IMA’s] Rock ‘n Roll Girl’s Camps in the past were attending, I arranged to have Sonya Kitchell – who attended our very first Camp in 2001 and who’d just released her first album – sit in on the Slammin’ Babes jammin’ portion, which followed. To that end, I asked Taylor to send her the T5 to try out, and as I was about to send it back a few weeks later I just had to say goodbye to it (her) before packing her up. What followed was an extraordinary 2 days in which a song I never would have consciously “written” myself emerged, to my delight and astonishment. Of course I enjoyed the groove, and I hope you will too – but the words. They express what I’ve been feeling deep down inside, but simply could not have condensed in such a powerful and …. truthful way. So I’m very grateful, and once I got over the shock of revealing these, shall we say, judgments (which are keyed to my innermost emotions) in the song, I can now enjoy performing it, as you shall see in the beginning segment. That powerful force is felt all over again, which is a huge bonus.

Well, it’s your force too. (hello, George Lucas?). So I hope you’ll want to take this video and create your own version of “Terrible Things”. I plan to do multiple versions myself, and there is no end I’m sure as to what you have experienced or envisioned in your world out there. I invite you to join me, and believe me I’m endlessly interested in your views and eventual content. I’m sure I’ll learn a lot. This is a song I just want to put out there, and I thank you for your interest and participation.

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