June Millington and IMA’s Rock ‘n Roll Camps for Girls Summer 2010:

We’re once again gearing up for a packed summer and finishing up a concert series which included Christine Ohlman, the permanent female guest singer on Saturday Night live. Christine guested during the Foremothers section of my daily classes last year and was absolutely remarkable, not only singing but passing on a direct history of women in music and professional technique. This is an important component of what IMA is about: passing on the lessons and real-life skills of women who have excelled and survived in the music business. Christine will continue to perform here, mentor the girls and spread the word about the vortex of energy and talent gathering at our site in Goshen, Massachussetts. [www.ima.org]

Post show photo on May 2nd, 2010, left to right:
June Millington, Christine Ohlman, and Ann Hackler, Executive Director at IMA.

Upcoming schedule of Camps which are filling up but still have some room:

  • Pre-Teen “Explore”, June 23-27 [5 days total, 4 nights sleepover]
  • Teen “Performance” Camp I,  July 9 – 18 [10 days total, 9 nights sleepover]
  • Teen “Performance” Camp II July 23-Aug 1 [10 days total, 9 nights sleepover]
  • Recording Camp, August 6-15: must have attended Performance Camp(s) and/or be vetted by staff [10 days total, 9 nights sleepover] The girls eat, sleep, receive instruction, write and jam right on the premises. There are 3 full-time instructors, a backline and a p.a.

Photos from Camps:

1). Ani di Franco donated cd’s for every girl at Camp, 2008

2). June rehearsing “I Can See Clearly Now” during Pre-Teen Camp 2008

3). June sitting in, performance Sunday ~ Teen Camp II, 2008.

4). June and Insructor Leslie Ann Jones with the girls of Recording Camp 2009. We have 2 recording studios, CR A with iso-booth and a Digidesign HD system; and CR B with its attached isobooth and a Digidesign LE system.