Fanny 1st Album CD

Fanny 1st Album CD


Fanny’s first album is now on its own individual CD release.

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Yes! The very first Fanny album is now on its own individual CD release. It features all the original tracks, the original album art and new liner notes.

This is being released by Real Gone Music.

  1. Come and Hold Me (June Millington, Jean Millington)
  2. I Just Realized (Nickey Barclay, June Millington)
  3. Candlelighter Man (June Millington, Jean Millington)
  4. Conversation With a Cop (Nickey Barclay)
  5. Badge (Eric Clapton, George Harrison)
  6. Changing Horses (Nickey Barclay)
  7. Bitter Wine (Nickey Barclay)
  8. Take a Message to the Captain (Nickey Barclay)
  9. It Takes a Lot of Good Lovin’ (Alvertis Isbell, Booker T Jones)
  10. Shade Me (Nickey Barclay)
  11. Seven Roads (June Millington, Jean Millington, Alice de Buhr)



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