Signed Box Sets to Benefit IMA 3

Here’s a great picture of Jean and June Millington signing Fanny CD Box Sets that will be sold to benefit the IMA camp June runs.  Great photo, great CD Box Set and a great idea!  Go to IMA’s website for more information.

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3 thoughts on “Signed Box Sets to Benefit IMA

  • Julian

    A huge fan since 71, 72 ??,..since I first heard your cover of Badge. Living in St. Louis, I never had the pleasure of seneig your band live . Definitely my loss. In fact, I remember telling my bandmates at the time, about this killer rock band of great lookin’ chics out of California. Anyway, I’ve been waiting for YEARS to tell you ladies how much I love your work. Maybe someday I’ll be able to hear you live . Now, I’m off to another website to see if I can donate some money (& time if necessary) to The girls R&R camp. Whatever I can do to empower females and, of course, spread a lil’ love.Still rockin’ in Texas,J. Jernigan