Fanny Book of Rare Photographs from Linda Wolf 4

The news just keeps on coming here in 2013!  A huge box of negatives have been discovered from famed photographer Linda Wolf, who from 1969 to 1971, took behind the scenes photos of Fanny as they recorded, practiced and hung out with rockers like Joe Cocker at their home Fanny […]

Fanny’s 1st Album to Re-released on CD! 3

NEWS FLASH! For those of you who wanted to collect the original Fanny albums on individual CD releases, your wish has come true! Fanny’s first album is being re-released by the Real Gone Music label and will be available to purchase on February 28th. We will have a pre-order page […]

Fanny Tea Commercial! 8

Fanny Fan Tim Disney sent in this message with a YouTube link:

I run a film archive and came across an old cinema commercial that I wanted to know a bit more about. In th process of searching, I came across your site and have put a link to it in the video description on my You Tube channel. You’re welcome to embed the video of the ad if it’s of any use to you.

Thanks Tim! The video is below or you may view it on YouTube.

Ms. Magazine Article by June 1

Hey, check it out!  June wrote an article for Ms. Magazine’s website called “You Never Heard of Fanny?” and it is an interesting read with some great background on the early days of her career.  It is a must read for Fanny fans!  Click here to read the article!

New Exclusive Fanny Mug!

New product in the Fanny store!  A handmade ceramic mug that features a lid and tea drain!  Steep the morning up of tea in style with this mug!  Hand lettered Fanny logo on once side and “Mothers Pride” on the other!   Perfect anyone!  And if tea is not you, well, […]

June & Jean Kickstarter Project!

June and Jean have recorded a new album and are getting ready to release it on CD and have started a Kickstarter Project to help raise funds to manufacture and release the CD.  If it is successful, they intend on touring to support the CD and may come to a […]

Peter Tork at IMA

Hey, hey, he’s Peter Tork!  Everyone remembers him from the 60s band the Monkees, but Peter also tours today with his own band the Shoe Suede Blues.  Still clever after all these years!  He dropped by IMA for a benefit performance in early November of 2010.  The funds for these […]

John Sebastian at IMA

IMA has sponsored a series of benefit concerts for raising funds for improvements to the recording studio and facilities at IMA.  One of those artists to answer the call from June was John Sebastian, best known for his work with the Lovin’ Spoonful in the 1960’s and for the theme […]

IMA Featured in Article 1

The Institute for Musical Arts, IMA, run by June Millington and Ann Hackler was featured in an article on the Valley Advocate website recently.  It is an interesting read and worth of a visit!  Click the link below to go take a peek!

June & Jean Millington NPR Interview 17

Here’s an interview with June and Jean Millington on May 13th on NPR in Sacramento, speaking about their high school band the Svelts, Fanny, and IMA:   [audio:|titles=June and Jean Millington Interview=NPR Radio] June speaks about the upcoming autobiography that begins in the Philippines and chronicles the adventures that lead from ukeleles […]