Order June Millington’s New Book 8

June Millington has written an extensive autobiography about her life and career in music, including her years in Fanny. The book is available to be ordered now on June’s Institute for Musical Arts (IMA) website. The $60 price (plus shipping) includes a nice donation to IMA. It’s a fantastic read and an invaluable insight to the life and times of one of the Godmothers of Rock Chicks. Click on the image below to go to the IMA website to donate and order the book.


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8 thoughts on “Order June Millington’s New Book

    • Byron

      Sorry about that! June forgot to update me on the new URL for the book now that it is in-stock. Thank you for letting me know. I have updated the links.

  • Richard Banker

    I was really pleased to get to order this book as I have a defective Paypal registration I haven’t used for years. I love the sound of the title, referencing an old soul hit but bridges take you somewhere. I am definitely looking forward to receiving the book.

  • Richard Banker

    Coming down to earth after reading June Millington’s magnificent chronicles of autobiography and women’s rock and roll music, it would be sold ridiculously short by a one liner praise though I did plug this book on Facebook.

    For a start, I was open mouthed as June and Jean Millington (with their musical sisters) get good grades with the US version of A levels, bookended with the incredible nerve and drive in getting their dance band on the road – was there enough time in the day to do it and pack in a night’s sleep as this boggles me? I love the way this tale overflows with fascinating observations and tangents of all kind. For examply the pen portrait of Reagan turning out the mentally ill on the streets and building ‘crowd control barriers’ has a chilling modern vibe. By contrast is her loving recall of Brits where “you only have to think of Monty Python. Wacky and brilliant go together like fiosh and chips”. How vividly that speaks to me and how Cameron’s government is now trying to crush that rebellious spirit.

    A standout theme is the sheer rush of generous enthusiasm for friends making music whose inspirations she was part of are today’s documented history. It is the centre of a vivid picture of a sunny creative era. Feeling how hard Fanny had to work as if barriers to female rockers didn’t exist, what should be living history to be built on is embodied in hers and Ann Hackler’s Institute for the Musical Arts whereas the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame to me is an aside.

    Knowing how impossibly inadequate this review is, do I proceed next to Tolkein’s Lord of the Rings or Tolstoy’s War and Peace or do I stick on Fanny’s Charity Ball album I was overjoyed to hear way back after being tipped off in the music press that ‘Nickey Barclay plays keyboards like Jerry Lee Lewis.”

    • June Millington

      Richard, how fabulous are your comments? Thank you so much. I wanted the book to read not only as narrative, but also “her-storical” and packed with the music that so informed our times. And, to open anywhere, anytime, and be literally sucked in within a paragraph or two. You seemed to have picked up on the essence of it all, and I really do thank you for not only getting it, but communicating that.

      Have you posted this on Facebook? May I share?

      All best, June
      p.s. you may be happy to know that I’m working on the audiobook here at IMA (we have 2 studios). It’s a labor of love as the doing itself is, if at all possible, more labor-intensive than writing the book itself! (and there will be a part II, picking up in 1975 …) – but I know you will love the results.

      • Richard Banker

        Hi June . How lovely to hear from you and apologies for not posting sooner. I will gladly share with you on Facebook and post my piece. The plans you detailed sound fascinating especially after your book which is a major accomplishment. It goes without saying that Fanny a premier female rock band but also one of my favourite bands of all time. Cheers Richard. PS Alice is a bloody good drummer