New T-Shirts Are Here! 3

That’s right! A true rock and roll t-shirt in all black with a silouette of the first album cover on the front.  This design is available in five sizes from Medium to XXX-Large.  Only $20!  $4.95 shipping to the USA and $12.95 for everywhere else.

Get yours while they’re here as once they’re gone, they’re gone for good!  Buying the shirt helps support the site and also shows off your good taste in rock and roll bands!

Click here to go to the T-Shirt page to order yours today! Thanks!

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3 thoughts on “New T-Shirts Are Here!

  • mike anderson

    dear fanny i have been listening to your music scince i was abut 13. my favorite album is the self tittled albumn FANNY. I loved conversation with a cop but the whole albumn rocks. ihave been thinking about contacting you so i could find out what all of you beautiful girls have been up to. i wish i could be your manager so i can go on tour with you and if i did i would be so excited i would pass out. I love rock and roll and i also love groups such as the runaway’s the donnas , led zeppelin, the beatles, the rolling stones, britrney spears, vanessa hudgens, miley cyrus, rush, jefferson airplane, foghat, janis joplin, etc.etc., i am now 53 years old and i first found your records at the local library. well thats all for now please write me back and you have given me so much joy. thank you mike.

  • Gloria DeNecochea (formerly Dessert

    Thank you for your website! I danced to your music at Bacchanal ’70 on Melrose in L.A. sometime between ’70 and ’74 — not sure. A magical place, gone now, and can’t even be found in googling. Do you have any photos of that venue? I’d be happy to pay for any photos of your band and the venue. You brought joy and pride and great rocking sounds.

  • tomas9701

    Bought this album “in the day”, a purchase, besides being a great listening experience, hopefully advanced female artists growth and inflence in the music business.

    P.S. All my children and grand-children are females!