Ms. Magazine Article by June

Godmothers of Chick Rock

Ms. Magazine Article by June

Hey, check it out!  June wrote an article for Ms. Magazine’s website called “You Never Heard of Fanny?” and it is an interesting read with some great background on the early days of her career.  It is a must read for Fanny fans!  Click here to read the article!

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  1. Hi June

    This is a brilliant, spirited article which graphically conveys a female rock and roll band inventing and creating your niche and quite rightfully demands recognition. Fortunately that can be remedied through buyiing the Rhino box set.For Fanny to be written out of history is criminal on a music appreciation level alone when you consider the freshness of your music not forgetting your work through the I M A. Regrettably, living in England has its disadvantages if you, Jean and Jean’s son are touring but best of luck anyway.



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