June Millington’s Autobiography Kickstarter Project 1

Big news for you Fanny fans! June Millington is writing her autobiography entitle “Land of a Thousand Bridges” and her Kickstarter project to raise the $25,000 needed to publish the book is now active. June will be sharing the stories behind not only how Fanny became a band, but as well as her stories of growing up in the 1960s and how that influenced both her and sister Jean to start playing in a rock and roll band.

But the book won’t be a reality without your help! Pledges start at $5.00 with incentives included in every tier. Click here or the image below to read more at June’s Kickstarter project page. And thanks for you help in spreading the word about this great project.


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One thought on “June Millington’s Autobiography Kickstarter Project

  • David Palasiuk

    Waited so so long for this. Been a fan since the very early 70s when I was given a copy of Mothers Pride, by my good friend Sandy Wilson. It was what got me through my teenage years and onwards. I still listen to it today. Wow how the years have passed yet the album sounds better than anything out there. I used to dream that I had a million pounds and I got all of Fanny together just to play for me. My dreams are still there. Would love to donate to the publishing of this book. And would love to also purchase a signed copy if any become available. From a life long fan until this world no longer needs me. Long live rock and roll.