June & Jean Kickstarter Project!

June and Jean have recorded a new album and are getting ready to release it on CD and have started a Kickstarter Project to help raise funds to manufacture and release the CD.  If it is successful, they intend on touring to support the CD and may come to a town near you.

How Kickstarter works, if you’re not familiar with it, is a project is set up to raise funds for an artisit or creative venture (like recording an album).  When you pledge funds to the project, depending on the amount, you receive an incentive!  For example, in June and Jean’s project, if you pledge $25 you get a signed CD!  Cool!  Lots of levels of pledges from $1 to $10,000!

Every dollar helps so we need to get out and bang the drum loudly to help support their project.  If the project misses it’s goal, even by a $1, the funding does not go through for the project.  So it’s very important to get on Facebook, Twitter or even old fashioned email and let everyone know about this project!  Who knows, June and Jean may end up in a town near you!  Let’s rock this folks!  Click here or the image below to visit the Kickstarter project and pledge today!

Click Image to go to Kickstarter to Pledge!

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