IMA Featured in Article

Godmothers of Chick Rock

IMA Featured in Article

The Institute for Musical Arts, IMA, run by June Millington and Ann Hackler was featured in an article on the Valley Advocate website recently.  It is an interesting read and worth of a visit!  Click the link below to go take a peek!

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  1. Jasraj says:

    Hey girls, How are you. I was a huge fan from the first LP on. Still a record cotcellor, I have all five LPs including rare Promo copys of the first 4. My favorite LP was Mothers Pride, But my favorite song was and still is Bilnd Alley. June wailing on guitars. I saw you at the Santa Monica Civic in 1971 ( I was a senior in High School). Your live version of Blind Alley was awesome. Just found this website, Nice to hear the original 4 of you are still around. June I love your LP Heartsong, I have Nicky’s only solo LP as well Diamond in a Junkyard . So what are you all up to now-a-days? Would love to hear from you all. My wife and I live in Markleeville, Ca. Pop. 200. Drop in sometime, Take care .KURT

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