Fanny’s French TV Appearance!

Godmothers of Chick Rock

Fanny’s French TV Appearance!

Sometime in 1972 or so, I would guess, Fanny appeared on a French TV show that featured Bertha and Fanny in interviews and live on-stage footage. The audio quality of these old TV shows is somewhat less than desirable but still good to hear. Great little interview at the end of the clip as well and they focused a bit on Alice playing drums compared to her male counterparts. So, give a listen!


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4 Responses

  1. Michal Vynohradnyk says:

    That rocks !
    Thanks for posting, Alice !

  2. Lothar Behlau says:

    Just another thought – but in fact quite the same:

    Fantastic! The first song was available on video before, but “Young & Dumb” was cut off then – what a shame. Now this really great performance is complete – or might there be more to come?


    Lothar Behlau, Cologne, Germany

  3. Mark Williams says:

    Absolute killer performance of Young and Dumb with a blistering solo from June and amazing vocal from Jean – so much emotion. AMAZING! If only a full performance of a gig like this existed. The Holy Grail – I live in hope. Fantastic interview clips and images at the end. You all look like you were having such a great time playing together. FANNY ROCKS!

  4. ron s says:

    I have been a rock music fan since the late 50s & I consider Fanny the best all-girl band of all time. Bands like the Bangles, Go-gos,
    Pandoras etc were good but Fanny had superstars on every instrument. Love what videos I have seen of them! I think another very
    underrated band was the Ace of Cups.

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