Fanny Tea Commercial!

Godmothers of Chick Rock

Fanny Tea Commercial!

Fanny Fan Tim Disney sent in this message with a YouTube link:

I run a film archive and came across an old cinema commercial that I wanted to know a bit more about. In th process of searching, I came across your site and have put a link to it in the video description on my You Tube channel. You’re welcome to embed the video of the ad if it’s of any use to you.

Thanks Tim! The video is below or you may view it on YouTube.

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  1. All of a sudden the band has English accents! Definitely overdubbed by someone else. Fun commercial, tho…

  2. Byron Wilkins says:

    Yeah, Nickey has said it was over dubbed. The “tea-rrific!” slays me!

  3. Terry Siederer says:

    I remember this commercial so well! On radio, tv and at cinemas in the UK in the 1970s tea was being promoted, probably to counteract the growing drug culture. There was other catchphrases like “join the teaset” (sic). This commercial together with the single Ain’t That Peculiar turned me into a Fanny fan although I never had the money to buy the albums. Forty years later the Rhino set was released and now I realise what I missed.

    What is the track they are playing?

    • Byron Wilkins says:

      The track is “Charity Ball” their first Top-40 hit and the title of their second album. The albums are going to be re-released soon in single album form and we should have information here soon about those releases.

  4. Jon Kirkman says:

    I remember seeing this commercial as part of the ads in the cinema usually preseneted by Pearl and Dean. Great ad though. I imagine this was filmed shortly after the Mothers Pride album. I remember seeing them on a British TV show called The Old Grey Whistle Test promoting Mothers Pride 🙂

    • Bobbi Jo Hart says:

      Hi Jon, I am filming a documentary celebrating the band Fanny and would love to be in touch with you. Are you London based? Cheer! Bobbi Jo Hart

  5. R.L. Cherry says:

    This is funny for a few reasons. First, having a rock band endorse tea is a bit of a hoot. I’m reminded of a 3 Dog Night lyric about a party. “Want some whiskey in your water? Sugar in your tea?” That wasn’t C & H sugar being offered! Next is the strangely dubbed English accents. Why? American accents were common on British TV, so I guess they didn’t think viewers would believe American’s drinking tea instead of coffee. Who knows. Lastly, “fanny” has a different meaning in Great Britain than in America. It’s slang for c**t. Very crude. So how did “Tea and Fanny Once Again!” get past the censors when nothing else identifies Fanny as the band? Then there there are the gratuitous butt shots. Looks like the commercial was trying to equate tea and sex. Funny in a way, but a sad commentary on society as well.

  6. Bobbi Jo Hart says:

    Can someone put me in touch with the Tim Disney from above?

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