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Fanny Reunion!

fanny-2013-02Friday and Saturday, February 22nd and 23rd of 2013, three of the four original members of Fanny reunited to re-record two Fanny tunes for an upcoming documentary.

June, Jean and Alice gathered at June’s IMA recording studio in Goshen, MA to record “Cat Fever” and “Borrowed Time” for Jennifer Lee’s film, “Feminist Stories from Women’s Liberation.”  Joining the gals was Mitch Chakour on piano and Kristen Hillaire Glasgow on some backing vocals.  Kristen is the daughter of Fanny’s late manager Roy Silver.  Lee Madeloni, Jean’s son, worked the board and did the final mix down. Tim McHugh was doing non-stop videotaping and hope to see some edit moments from him sometime soon.

It was a great time to see Fanny back in action and still rockin’ all these years later.  We’ll post more pictures from the session in the coming days.

In the mean time, Jennifer’s film is screening for the first time at the Los Angeles Women’s International Film Festival on March 24th in Beverly Hills at the Laemmle Theater. Click here for ticket information.


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  1. Frank Puncekar says:

    Really excited to find you after all these years. My collection of albums was destroyed by a flooded basement. I had all your albums! Thought they were lost forever! Looked in used record stores, yard sales, and on eBay. Found a couple of your albums but unfortunately the quality was not that good. I will be ordering your albums. Thank you, Frank

  2. Jennifer says:

    Good to see the band back together too bad I missed the reunion hope that their will be more to come and Can make it to IMA

  3. susan monhollon says:

    Fanny was my favorite band in the early 70’s. I played that first album until it practically wore out! Loved them!!

  4. Kirt McKinlay M.D. says:

    I was there in London in 1972. What an amazing night to you ladies on the stage. It was love at ist sight.I will never forget your energy,vocal harmonies , killer solos,and youthful female beauty.It’s been 40 years.I still listen to your CDs ,in my Jag.Still sing along(save me,save me, from the hurtin pain of love). Oh to be 20 years old again . Your contributions to rock and roll are underrated and understated. I’ll be watching YouTube. It keeps me young. Thanks Kirt McKinlay (Fanny fan-atic)

  5. Richard Banker says:

    The idea of the band reunion is really exciting news as I thououghly enjoyed the June and Jean ‘Play like a Girl’ album which covered a wide range of well written and well played songs in the Fanny tradition the title track having such irresistable swagger about it. Both women play and sing a dream, ably assisted by Jean’s talented son Lee. I’m particularly pleased to see Alice de Buhr get into a studio as she is such a classic rock drummer playing delightful drum breaks like a Harley Davidson being kick-started. My First time in a Long Time CD box set is in serious danger of being worn out and I raved over the Charity Ball LP when I bought it in the 70s.

  6. Jon Kirkman says:

    One reunion I think that is worthwhile. I hope the band decides to do some live dates whether just in America or elsewhere. This band were one hell of a band back in the seventies. Even Dvid Bowie thought so. I saw them half a dozen times back in the seventies and they were amazing 🙂

  7. Rick Rupert says:

    I always knew you were a great band who somehow did not get the recognition you so deserved. When I downloaded the box set last January I was blown away to hear all the great work that sadly didn’t get airplay back in the 70’s. I searched for an unopened box set and found one on e-bay after a month or so. I immersed myself in the music and the liner notes, learning so much more about you and the music. I have not listened to anything else since then. I’ll play one disc for a week or so and then switch to another. I always find something that I missed before–jamming rock, heart-felt blues, gentle folk rock ,or beautiful vocals. The range of what you did was amazing. Keep on rocking and know that you are truly appreciated! Fanny rocks!

  8. Louise says:

    I remember seeing them at The Whiskey in West Hollywood sometime in 1969? Maybe 1970. When they were there, I was there. They were soooo good live, I was amazed. There were no ther female rock bands, so naturally, being young and gay — I was immediately in love with all of them. Especially Alice! Damn, she could work those sticks! LOL

    I WAS such a pathetic groupie. I would have done ANYTHING for them. But, alas, all fantasies must come to an end. School took up too much of my time to follow them all over the country! Haha

    Good to hear that, for the most part, they are still actively making music. Talent like theirs never dies – it grows, just as we do.

    Blessings to all of them….Now Alice, you don’t know what you’ve missed! LOL just kidding, of course.

    • Hi Louise, are you based in LA? I am making a feature documentary celebrating Fanny and would enjoy being in touch! Anyone else who has photos or videos or specific memories seeing Fanny (or have a big collection of their albums?), please be in touch!

  9. Lillian Moore says:

    I was introduced to these rockin’ ladys i the early 70’s by my brother, I fell in love with their music instantly. But time goes by, times, music and musical tastes change, so they faded from my playlist rotation (mainly because they were not on cd. I still have my vinyl though!) Anyway, I forced myself to buy an Ipod and thank the rock gods for itunes! I rediscovered their music and my god, the ladies still rock and kick ass. Thanks so much for all the tunes that I can not get out of my head. I even discovered new songs and fell in love with.

  10. Lothar Behlau says:

    Another Fan’s View

    One Saturday afternoon long time ago (must have been in November 1971), I was watching TV, the German once-in-a-month music show for young people called “Beat-Club”. Introduction stated that there were no acceptable girls’ bands around, with the only exception of FANNY. And there you were: A group of young ladies of apparently my own age (more or less), playing live some really fine and heavy stuff – “Special Care”, in this case.

    The TV set was an old black-and-white thing, with no real sound, but I was impressed very much – I immediately fell in love with you and your music! The second tune during that show was “Blind Alley”, and I decided this was a “must have”. So I bought the two LPs which were available then (the first and the fourth seem to have never been published in Germany, or they escaped me somehow) and listened to them endlessly. Later on excerpts were put on cassettes, compiled by myself from my music collection plus bits and pieces captured from FM radio, the Dutch (I was living close to the border then) Hilversum III being my all time favorite broadcasting service. Finally there were about 100 cassettes which were accompanying me all over Europe.

    Many years later cars had no more tape decks, my cassettes were partly worn out anyway, my turntable got damaged, and so I could not listen to FANNY any more (but the vinyl is still there and kept in good condition!). In spring last year I happened to come across one of your videos, incidentally it was just the same show as in 1971, but in color now and with better sound – I could not believe my eyes and ears! All those former feelings suddenly were present again. Of course I searched the internet for more and found a lot of new information, pictures and music of yours. So I heard “Badge”, “Seven Roads” and other great songs for the first time in my life in 2014 – believe it or not.

    In the meantime I managed to obtain all FANNY music released on CD, even a sealed (n° 1342) issue of “First Time in a Long Time” and a copy of the Cleveland live radio concert. On the latter there is an announcement for a show with Jo Jo Gunne, B. B. King and FANNY – what a spectacular program! That live CD was the most expensive piece of music I ever bought, but it is worth every cent – I hope it will not wear out too fast as I am listening to it almost every day. My favorite song at the moment is “Knock on my Door”, with powerful playing and beautiful vocals indeed! And “Charity Ball”, of course…..

    I regret very much not to have tried to see you on stage when I had the chance, in or around 1972 – I simply did not know where and when. As I shall certainly never be able to go to the USA, watching an eventual reunion of FANNY must remain a dream. But maybe there will be some more video material of you and your music, no matter of which decade and what the band may be named. And of course I am waiting for “Land of a Thousand Bridges”.

    Just keep on rockin’. And best wishes to all of you.

    Lothar Behlau, Cologne, Germany (sorry for my clumsy English)

  11. John says:

    I would like to hear more news about the fabulous Nicky Barclay , how she is and what she is doing x

    • Nickey is a very private person and shares when she has something to share. She is aware of everything going on in the world of Fanny. And I think she’s fabulous as well!
      – Byron, Webmaster

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