“Charity Ball” CD Release June 3rd 2014 1

Fanny+(70s)+-+Charity+Ball+++Insert+-+LP+RECORD-209932Real Gone Music has done it again! They’re re-releasing Fanny’s second album “Charity Ball” on CD June 3rd, 2014!

• Includes the Original Album Version of “Place in the Country” for the First Time on CD
• Features Three Bonus Tracks Including Live and Single Versions of “Charity Ball” and a Live Version of “Place in the Country”
• Notes by Fanny Drummer Alice DeBuhr
• Original Album Art Features Cover Photo by Candice Bergen
• Additional Photos from the Band’s Archive

1. Charity Ball
2. What Kind of Love
3. Cat Fever
4. A Person Like You
5. Special Care
6. What’s Wrong with Me
7. Soul Child
8. You’re the One
9. Thinking of You
10. Place in the Country (Album Version)
11. A Little While Later
Bonus Tracks:
12. Charity Ball (Single Version)
13. Charity Ball (Live Version)
14. Place in the Country (Live Version)

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One thought on ““Charity Ball” CD Release June 3rd 2014

  • Jon Kirkman

    Brilliant. I can’t wait for this. Fanny were a brilliant band and my memories of them touring the UK and releasing albums is as bright now as it was back then. I am definitely going to add this album to my collection. You are all advised to do the same 🙂