Beat Club Un-edited Video Released!

Godmothers of Chick Rock

Beat Club Un-edited Video Released!

The Beat Club’s YouTube channel has posted the entire, un-edited video of Fanny performing many of their songs in their studio. The video has a blue-screen background that the studio would later on superimpose (key) in wild, psychedelic videos and logos behind the performances. Well worth watching the entire 36 minute video as this is as close as we’ll get to seeing the band live!

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  1. deek speredelozzi says:

    Is there any way to get the audio of this show on mp3? This shit’s WAY too sick to not have in my collection!

    • I wish we could release it, but the licensing fees are just too high to make it worth while.

      • Jakub Danilewicz says:

        Well, if small independent labels like Cuneiform could afford licensing and releasing the Beat Club audio and video of less popular acts I suppose the pricing may be more affordable than, say, BBC stuff.

        We are long overdue a kick-ass live anthology on CD (with an extra DVD). Let’s make it happen!

        • Alice has approached the owners of the video, and their demands were outrageous. Also, Alice does this all out of her own pocket. Fanny’s royalties are not significant, and they’ve yet to make any real money out of all of these CD releases. We are considering doing a Kickstarter to fund various projects, but that’s just on the drawing board at the moment. We want it released as well!

          • Seaton Smithy says:

            This performance is wonderful stuff!

            It’s ridiculous that the owners of the video have made the cost of licencing it so prohibitive – particularly for the performers themselves!

            It’s counterproductive – surely it’s better to charge a reasonable fee and get some money for it than to charge a prohibitive fee and get no money at all.

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