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Kinney Records reception in Germany where Ompa meets Rock and Roll! Send us your stuff and we’ll post what we can here on this page for all to see.

Have pictures of the band live? You lucky dog!

Have tickets stubs? What? They didn’t get left in your pants pocket?

Old concert flyers? Now, where did you “borrow” those from? Hmmm?

How about some sheet music you found on eBay? What a find! We’d love to see that!

Scan them and send them to us! Click “Contact Us” to send us your Fanny stuff!


Mike O’Connor, from Milton Keynes, UK, sent in this newspaper ad from a 1972 concert!

Thanks Mike!


Marj writes us:

“Post card is from 1973. Thanks for writing back. Saw you in Falmouth Cape Cod, Babson College, the Shaboo in CT. and of course Max’s in New York, and was glad to go for the ride. Alice you still rock…… marj”

PS: Yes, Alice still rocks.


Fanny Fans say:
Toby J. writes:
(I have) only memories I’m afraid, although nothing but good memories. First I heard of fanny was when Charity Ball was about to be released here in England. I read about you in the New Musical Express and have to admit it was curiosity that made me buy the record… how could women play in a rock band I thought, but, after hearing Charity Ball you had me hook line and sinker! I had all your LPs and 45s but after getting married drifted away from music for a few years and stupidly sold my record collection. So you can imagine how happy I was when I saw ‘First Time in a Long Time’ and now the website…. happy days! Cheers!

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