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Check out the exclusive Dick Cavett Show video of Fanny’s live performance from 1971!

Fanny on "The Dick Cavett Show" in 1971

Fanny on “The Dick Cavett Show” in 1971

Fanny, the original “Godmothers of Chick Rock” were the first all-female rock band to be signed to a major label. They toured from 1970-1975, wrote and arranged their own songs, released five albums, and had a number of international hit singles. But most importantly, they played hundreds of fantastic live concerts for thousands and thousands of fans and were instrumental in founding the modern world of women in rock. Many of today’s women rock artists – from Joan Jett to Girlschool to Courtney Love and many, many more – were able to get to the top because Fanny broke down the barriers and opened the way!

This website is for all Fanny fans, young and old, alike. This site is being produced by the original members of Fanny and we want your input.  Send us scans of your ticket stubs, old pictures you took of the group playing, articles from newspapers or magazine you saved and so on.  We’ll put them up on this site for all to enjoy.

As you dig deeper into the site, you’ll find the stories, images and videos we’ve had stored up all these years.  Let us know how we’re doing and Contact Us! Now, rock on!